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Abandoned Flat v2.0
Ok, this is the biggie, what quite a few people have been waiting on. The full, re-released version of the Flat. What is it? For those that haven't been keeping up, it's a revamped version of the flat that also includes the Harvesters expansion. More details below:

Added: A pool, combat simulation pit, security and stealth training, lights, more mannequins, more decorations, better lighting, the missing sound file, and location modifiers to conjuration, enchanting, and alchemy.

Corrected: Every journal/dialogue issue I've ever had reported and then some.

Incorporated: the Harvesters, Lap's Inscription mod, the extra storage and all the fixes.

Altered: Combat dummies. Scripts. Logic issues.

296 files consisting of:

  • 149 textures
  • 126 .nif files
  • 16 icons
  • 3 audio files
  • 1 .esp
  • 1 text file

3.58 MB (3,758,795 bytes)


Less of a view, but talk about service!(The Flat moves to make way for the TwinLamps mod, by Brother Juniper)

You asked for them? You got them. Eight more working mannequins. Sixteen total.

Relocking chests to train your security? Yeah, we got those too...

Who is that? Someone to try to sneak up on and backstab? Why yes it is...

A Harvesters Classic brought back and fully incorporated. Ma'chien is his name.

Want to take your frustrations out on something that can hit back? You got it.

And after all the work out just go for a dip to cool down? Sure... why not?

Download Here

Abandoned Flat v1.1
This is my firsts mod. It adds a small house on the shores of the inlet surounding Vivec. Inside you will find a spacious residence featuring working mannequins, working practice dummies and archery targets, graphically labeled alchemy jars, and lots of other things.

This mod also introduces a new faction called the Seekers of Knowledge and a series of quests that lead into the expansion called the Harvesters.

Filesize: 2.3 Megs


Alchemy Lab

Flat with a view

Summoning Chamber

Download Here

Harvesters version 1.0

The much anticipated continuation of the Seekers of Knowledge storyline (from the Abandoned Flat mod), this expansion introduces:

  • four unique NPCs
  • a new variety of creature
  • new items
  • new armour
  • hundreds of lines of dialogue
  • indepth story and quests


Mysterious Mage

Clash of the Titans


Download Here

Abandoned Flat Update Only

This is the patch to take the Abandoned Flat from version 1.0 to version 1.1. You MUST have version 1.1 to play the Harvesters expansion. This fixes small scripting problems that may cause the inability to finish the Seekers of Knowledge quests as well as adds two new chambers to the Flat.

Download Here

Extra Storage Update Only (Abandoned Flat v1.1)

This is the 'addon' to the flat that adds a copious amount of extra storage space under the Enchanters lab. To use this you must be running version 1.1 via either the upgrade above or a full download.

Download Here

Seekers of Knowledge Final Reward Fix (Abandoned Flat v1.1)

This repairs the problem caused by equiping the item given as the last reward. It will no longer damage your blunt weapon skill.

Download Here

Repar to the Protect Quest, Prior 25 July 2002.

Ok, it had to happen I guess. Yesterday someone pointed out a problem no one caught with this mission. I rushed off to fix it as I do. Unfortunetly when I did, the scripting when bad. If you get the this mission and when you go to Tel Fyr the two men in there 'dance' then you need this fix. Its only 2k. It just overwrites two scripts. I've repaired this in the version above already.

Really sorry for that folks.

Download Here